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We offer unlimited painted colors. We can match your desired color with a lacquer finish in satin, gloss or matt at 10% upcharge. The website price shown is for each statue in either flesh or satin white. We also offer integral colors, which means we cast the color into the material. This has been our specialty, especially in the field of planters. The integral finish yields a more natural look and is better suited to outdoor use or if you wish an antique look for indoor use. Integral color manufacturing yields statues that will show many hand made inconsistencies or flaws. We view it as adding to the statue's personality and individuality of each piece, but some purchasers may feel it is flawed, particularly if they are used to highly finished and more manufactured looking products.
  Please add 10% for integral colors or custom lacquer painting.

  Custom Manufacturing:
We can manufacture custom designed and custom cut pieces. Fiberglass is an amazing material which is used for many applications because of its' ability to bond together. This bonding effect allows us to cut and even to bend the material during manufacturing to create a different shape then the original molded shape we start with. If you desire to have a staute which is cut in half and used on a wall as a fountain, we could manufacture one piece for you. Some buyers use a half planter as a pool to catch water which could come from the head of a dolphin or other animal mounted on a wall above the half planter. Some buyers like to use our products to move or circulate water into a pool, so we build plumbing inside a statue for this purpose. Parks and Towns often like to use our statues for a fun look on a side walk and so we add on mounting brackets for this purpose.
For those buyers who are looking for a large volume of statues we offer the services of our overseas China factory where we will sculpt your designs and manufacture and ship directly to you or your customer. We also can do smaller custom runs in the USA more quickly. We will price this work on an individual basis.

  Purchasing Our Products:
It is our feeling that ordering and paying for the products online works great for simple and inexpensive products, but we feel that each order of our specialty products requires some discussion of our buyers particular needs. We hope this is not an inconvience for you. Please copy and paste the items you are interested in into an email with your contact information and we will put together pricing and delivery information for you as well as calling to discuss it.. * po box 600 * armonk * new york * 10504 * toll free 888-566-8522 * fax 914-734-1982
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